MEET Kevin Progar


Kevin Progar joined Healthcare Council of Western Pennsylvania as the first full-time staff member for HCWP’s Regional Health Literacy Coalition (RHLC) initiative in January 2013. RHLC works with communities, health care providers, and universities to make southwestern Pennsylvania’s health system person-centered and easier to use.


In 2016, the scope of his work expanded to include additional projects focused on patient engagement and community health. As the Community Coordinator for Strategy and Outreach for the Healthcare Council of Western Pennsylvania, Kevin works with members to find new ways to benefit and engage the communities they serve. He also serves as a consultant to the emerging Pennsylvania Health Literacy Coalition.


Kevin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Studies and a Certificate in Public and Professional Writing from the University of Pittsburgh. He was selected as a 2014 Fellow at Tufts University School of Medicine Health Literacy Leadership Institute and is certified by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality as a SHARE Approach Master Trainer.

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