Hub Inspiration

Looking for inspiration for a hub activity? Check out the ideas listed below! Last year, a local book shop hosted children’s story time and a library registered participants for library cards! Sometimes activity partners are just individuals who want to share their passion for an activity, such as slacklining or hula hooping.


As a reminder Open Streets Bellefonte activities are free and align to our focus areas of health and wellness, physical activity, and building community. The best activities creatively represent your business or organization, while involving event participants. For example, a gym might host workouts or fitness challenges while a dance group could give short lessons.

  • Living Room on the Street: Just bring chairs and maybe a deck of cards and people will come! There are very few chairs at Open Streets events, and people will welcome a sit-down. Get fancy with a couch and coffee table.

  • Song/Jam Circle: Encourage your neighbors to make music together!

  • Four Square Tournament: Bring a ball and some chalk and invite neighbors to participate in the longest game of four square the world has ever seen.

  • Bubble Station/Garden: Bubble blowing is not just for kids! It is a fun, relaxing and creative activity for all ages.

  • Knitting Circle: Bring a few chairs, some unwanted yarn balls, knitting needles and call out the knitters.

  • Trivia Tournament: People know some weird things. Find out what.

  • Yard games (spike ball, corn hole, etc.): These activities are easy to set up if you have them and can lead to hours of endless fun!

  • Bicycle decorating contest: Attendees are encouraged to bring their bikes to Open Streets Bellefonte. Allow them to get creative and see who can decorate their bike the best!

  • Fitness Challenges: Test the physical capabilities of Open Streets attendees with fun challenges (Push-ups, jumping jacks, sprints, distance/height jumping)

  • Fitness Classes: Does your business or group offer classes, or do you have connections with someone who does? Activities like yoga/Zumba/dancing are big hits and great at getting people up and active!

  • Bike Obstacle Course: We love promoting bike riding at Open Streets, and with just some cones or chalk you can make your very own bike obstacle course for people to attempt!

  • Reading Nook: Bring some chairs, mats or cushions and some books, and you can set up a haven for people to relax with a good book.

  • Photo Booth: Bring some props, maybe even a backdrop, and have a place for people to come and capture memories made at Open Streets

  • Pet Booth: If your organization works with animals, bring them out to Open Streets and give attendees a chance to interact with them!

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